Sustainability Vision and Action Plan

Paper recycling bin at every U-Print device

I have noticed that people using the uPrint devices print things that they don't want and leave the paper on the machine or lying around.


Also, I noticed that many of the uPrint devices are located in hallways and other spaces which don't have a paper recycling bin close by.


I think it would be very helpful and useful to have a paper recycling bin at every U-Print device. Paper only recycling, so a single narrow slot in the top of the bin.


Also, some questions that were brought up, "..are there already enough bins, but in the wrong places? What exactly is the optimal bins for uPrint (considering frequency of pick-up, contamination reduction, etc. – I like the slot idea!)? Are the resources currently available?"


If required, this could be a good opportunity to apply to the Sustainability Projects Fund to acquire bins if needed.



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