Sustainability Vision and Action Plan

Interactive Online Forum for all McGill Community members

While there is communication and action amongst student groups, administration and faculty members in implementing sustainable measures on campus, there should also be an emphasis placed on integrating the entire McGill community in the discussion so that there is a platform everyone to equally access, know about, and participate in the sustainability discussion of McGill and with the greater Montreal community.


One of the ways in which we can do is create an interactive online forum that is open and accessible to all members of the McGill Community. This forum should be made available via the MyMcGill window, where any student, faculty or administrative staff would be able to provide the following:


1) Information - to learn about existing features, goods and services on campus and in Montreal that foster sustainable practices and goals, such as providing a comprehensive list of all the student groups on campus related to sustainability and links to city services around waste management and disposal, etc etc


2) Knowledge and Inquiry - to explain why there needs to be a sustainability transition at McGill in relation to current global issues we are facing; open up a sub-section around things not addressed in section 1 and another sub-section for intellectual inquiry around the topic of sustainability


3) Improvement - to voice concerns, comment or inquire about current infrastructure, academic opportunities and services on campus and suggest ideas and solicit feedback on how and what to improve


4) Opportunities - internships, research openings, focus groups, student group, volunteer recruitments... this is basically where members of the community can post any sort of opportunities for members to get involved


Note: this is a very preliminary sketch of this platform and so it is definitely open for suggestions and feedback



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