Sustainability Vision and Action Plan

Enhancing Campus Sustainability Through Experiential Learning

There has been an increase in student interest in campus sustainability. Moreover, in the last several years students have been figuring out how to get credit for it. Examples include the McGill Food Systems Project ( and the recent McGill Energy Project, whereby students have partnered with stakeholders on campus (e.g. McGill Food and Dining Services; Utilities and Energy Management), identified professors who are interested in supervising "non-conventional" research, and engaged in a very different kind of learning than the norm, so-called "experiential learning". However, students have had to figure this out on an "ad-hoc" basis; there is no formal way for students to enhance campus sustainability through for-credit research. Why not create a course, or a program, that is promoted as and reserved for this type of learning? Other universities have done it. We should too!



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